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Yellowbird Designs Pow Wow Outfits

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Women's Ribbon Skirt Outfits
Women's Dance Outfits, Northern & Southern, Fancy & Jingle
Men's Dance Outfits - Traditional, Fancy, Grass
Wedding and Special Occasion
Junior Girls & Teen Girl's - Northern, Southern, Fancy Shawl, Jingle
Junior Boys & Teen Boys - Traditional, Fancy, Grass
Tiny Tots Boys and Girls (below 7 years of age)
Women's Native Design Street Clothes and Ribbon Shirts - Other
Men's Native Design Street Clothes and Ribbon Shirts - Other
Photo Page of Past Sold Regalia, Accessories and Other Items
Children's Outfits Sold -Photos
Fans, Belts, Moccasins, Breastplates & Other Accessories
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About Me


Amisa at ASU Pow Wow 2010
Arizona State University Pow Wow

Info about Amisa Yellowbird:

Hello to all,

    My name is Amisa Yellowbird.   I have danced in Pow Wows for the past almost thirty years. My grandmothers and other relatives and friends taught me how to sew and  do beadwork as well as how to make the outfits and accessories that I love to make and offer for sale here on this site. I live in Arizona, about 40 miles from Phoenix in a rural area.

     Thank you for visiting my site!

Amisa Yellowbird

Yellowbird Pow Wow Dance Outfits  * P.O. Box 303 * Wittmann * AZ * 85361