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Yellowbird Designs Pow Wow Outfits

Tiny Tots Boys and Girls (below 7 years of age)

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Tiny Tots Boys and Girls (below 7 years of age)
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Above, Girl's Fancy Shawl outfit ages 4-7. Outfit comes with shawl, skirt, blouse, vest cape, leggings, hair band, hair ties, back barrette.
Shawl is fully lined, 48x26 with 12" double ribbon fringe.
Blouse is 28" at chest, 16 1/4 long.
Skirt is 16 1/2" long with 22" waist that can expand to 34"
Leggings are 11" at widest part. This outfit can grow with the child with probably only needing the blouse replaced later on with a larger size.
Cost: $375.00 plus $19.95 shipping





Little Girl's Pink Satin with Green Frog Dance Dress with Purse

This dress will fit a little girl age 3-5 years old. It is pink satin with green frogs appliqued. The dress and purse are fully lined in light green cotton. The design is the same on the back of the dress as on the front. The ribbons are yellow and light green.

$75.00 /  this outfit is sold

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