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Yellowbird Designs Pow Wow Outfits

Women's Ribbon Skirt Outfits
Women's Ribbon Skirt Outfits
Women's Dance Outfits, Northern & Southern, Fancy & Jingle
Men's Dance Outfits - Traditional, Fancy, Grass
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Junior Girls & Teen Girl's - Northern, Southern, Fancy Shawl, Jingle
Junior Boys & Teen Boys - Traditional, Fancy, Grass
Tiny Tots Boys and Girls (below 7 years of age)
Women's Native Design Street Clothes and Ribbon Shirts - Other
Men's Native Design Street Clothes and Ribbon Shirts - Other
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Children's Outfits Sold -Photos
Fans, Belts, Moccasins, Breastplates & Other Accessories
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About Me

Now taking orders. Outfit consists of skirt, half shawl (for carrying only) and purse. All for $390.00 plus shipping.
Leggings can be made for an extra $75.00. A back drop can be made to match for $50.00. The back drop is lined and has velcro at the top to make it easy to attach to your necklace in the back. Contact me to place your order.

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